About Us

Our Mission Statement

Developing Christ-like qualities and increasing the number of biblically mature people who are actively involved in Christian ministry.

Our Values

We are gospel focused and scripturally sound.

Our Leadership


Daryl Davie

Daryl is passionate about preaching God’s Word and does the majority of the preaching. He also loves meeting people for coffee and reaching out to the younger generation at schools and junior youth.

Daryl serves as one of our two elders.

Bill Jackson

Bill is a founder member of the church. He is passionate about men’s ministry, visitation, care and prayer. Bill is a servant leader and no job is too small for him.

He serves as one of our two elders.


Mary-Ann Rembold

Mary-Ann is passionate about studying scripture and has a heart for discipling others to get deeper in God’s Word as a result she oversees discipleship.

She also loves to worship our Lord and leads our worship teams.

She serves as the chairlady for the leadership.

Jacqui le Roux

Jacqui has a heart for reaching the younger generation for Christ. She is passionate about Sunday School, Junior Youth and Holiday Club.

She is also administratively gifted and serves as the secretary for the leadership.

Janet Croft

Janet loves worshipping the Lord and studying scripture. She is very creative, technically minded and has an eye for detail and therefore assists with social media. She also serves as the Treasurer on the leadership.

Henry Davis

Our real “Mr Fix It”. Uncle Henry loves doing practical acts of service around the church. He has a heart for the older generation and assists with care and benevolent.

His portfolio on the leadership is buildings and maintenance.

Bev King

Bev is our “Mother Hen”. She has an amazing gift for caring for others. She is passionate about visiting others and taking care of the sick and elderly and anyone in need of tender loving care.

Her portfolio on the leadership is care and benevolent.